ZHdK, 2021

Cielo is a desk lamp specifically created to bring an abstract and poetic interpretation of the sky’s atmosphere within our four-wall rooms. During times of uncertainty like the one we are living in now, we got to spend an enormous amount of time — if not all of it — indoor at home. Inspired by this moment of history, which has literally changed the way we live, socialize, and work I wanted to bring a glimpse of the outside world indoors, hoping to alleviate the pandemic fatigue. By keeping in mind what crucial and indispensable role light plays for the perception of space, Cielo was created to generate a soft, poetic yet vibrant light in the house environment.

Cielo consists of mainly three watercolor hues which not heavily saturated, as I wanted to keep a gentle mild aesthetic between shape and color. The three distinct-colored plexiglass can be moved on a circular axis, therefore, creating an overlay of colors. This subtractive method generates new soft tint- variations when looking at the object itself. The matte effect on the disks helps radiate the light more softly and indirectly throughout the environment, while the crystal see-through parts let the light mix in a more direct way.