Climate change and our patriarchal society are often seen as separate issues, however, these two topics are strongly connected to one another.  Being actively concerned about the environment is commonly classified as a feminine action, therefore many men, who are scared to be seen as “gay” or “effeminate” tend to be reluctant about the topic. Seldomly, the pressure of toxic masculinity brings men to take part in environmentally harmful activities to reassess their masculinity.

How can I bring climate change closer to men? The necktie is a historical symbol of power and is strongly associated with masculine fashion. Its function is emblematic of its kind, as it kept on bringing a touch of color when men fashion’s palette started narrowing down.

Based on the dazzling beauty of the lines and colors that our precious seabed offers us, I recreated a pattern inspired by corals, which are essential to life on Earth as we know it today and — unfortunately — one of the first to suffer the consequences of climate change. Finally, to more explicit the message, I wrote a statement that said “Caring, respecting, and protecting the planet doesn’t make you less than a man”. 

Models: Yannick Meyer, Filippo Kleinstein, Edgard Holler