In collaboration with Riccardo Schalcher, in a three-week project for Sender der Künste (Art Radio) we created three audio episodes which aim to raise awareness about the topic of the paradox of free will. The two voices, interpreted by the actresses Aina Ailotta and Hanna Donald, symbolize the duality of this enigma, namely free will and determinism. Throughout the auditive immersion, the listener is involved in a surreal conversation between these two protagonists. The discussion gets more and more tangled as theatrical-like sounds and ambiance dramatic music arises. To conclude the project, we invited two guests: Marco Driussi, a philosophy professor and thinker, and Lion Staubli, a health science student at ETH, to dive deeper into this specific topic and discuss their different opinions.

You can listen to all three episodes plus the final conversation here below:

The visuals depicting shadow hands moving in slow motion were streamed during the audio pieces. You can check it out here.

Behind the scenes captions:

A big thanks to:

Marco Driussi and Lion Staubli for sharing their thoughts

David Bircher for the script revision

Emanuel Meshvinski and Esteban for the music

Riccardo Schalcher for the sound mixing