Personal project

As a deep and intrinsic thinker, I realized how certain existential-related topics can arouse a lot of insecurity, fear, disconcertion, and a sense of smallness. I happened to immerse myself so much in an idea in such an inquiring way, that I quickly felt the need to withdraw from my reasoning as I would find myself overwhelmed in beauty and fear. So, one evening, I sat down at my desk and wrote a text dedicated to anyone wondering what life is, what the world is, what human is. In other words, everything.

I wanted to write something that could, despite the inevitable ephemeral of life, arouse, even if a little, a sense of peace, of meaning, of discovery in such a large and infinite world. With an almost romantic approach to this fleeting experience called life, I wondered whether there is even a small chance that everything we believe is also without us, in truth, is also thanks to us, for us. Maybe we do not breathe trees’ air, but trees breathe in our air. Maybe we do not walk on earth, but earth sustains our uncertain steps. By reversing the point of view in which we think we exist, that is to say, to shift from a trivial existence to an actual crucial and active presence in the immensity of life, we can perhaps find a more significant and sense of belonging in this marvelous earthly experience.

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Model: Taina Krattiger