First artistic graduation project, 2019

“I surrender to this tranquillity. Silence is fullness and fulfillment. Of all the words I can utter, none are necessary. There is silence. There is love. Silence is a healer. It heals open wounds, and reunites two distant souls. Silence is courage. [ … ] Silence is pain, sadness, anger, anguishment that I cannot express, all piled up in a knot of imprisoned words. Silence is secret. The truth remains suspended among the lies I have not told”

An essay on Silence – Ardennes

Inspired by the word silence, my entire project relates to how silence is perceived, visually and acoustically. The need for silence and its ambiguity gave me wide, yet challenging themes to work on. My final work included prose (excerpt above), photography, film, and a brochure.

Silenzio – Final video, 1’36”

Model: Melanie Jaumin